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Re: 360 Controller not Recognized

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:46 pm
by kschoice
Eclecticats wrote:How do I enable Auto-Prepare to make the gameplay simpler? I did not find anything in Settings, except,
easy, which is what I have it set at.
I just changed the ball to slow to see if that helps me learn.

Will the tennis players ever look like the real tennis players?

The Auto-Prepare option is found in the CONTROLS screen, at the bottom (when Steam API is disabled, I forgot to make it appear when it is enabled. I believe this is the mode you're playing with).

If you mean, looking exactly like actual tennis stars, it is highly improbable. Licensing pro tennis players is extremely costly, and way out of our means. Maybe some talented modders will be able to make great things, though.