Promote the game ?

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Promote the game ?

Postby tOto » Mon Jun 18, 2012 3:22 am

First of all, I want to congratulate and thank developers for their stunning work on this game... That was for me a great surprise and that's why I post a (possibly useless) new topic ! :shock:

But there's a lack...

Contrary to "Tennis Elbow" I saw very little kind of advertisements about Full Ace, almost no videos showing how realistic and cool this game is... Not to say none. :arrow: :|

Well, that's a shame ! :D

I think it's time to bring to light this game which deserves more success. 8)

Even if I'm french I post on this part of the forum because there seems to be more activity... And I have to say, I won't do anything because I don't know how to make anything... But well !
Still, I think it would be a good thing to create a trailer, with interesting and nice replays, different camera angles and all the usual stuff...
I'm pretty sure there's people on here (or someone who knows someone who knows someone... õ.ò) that could be motivated and who know how to make nice videos !
Or (a) video(s) that could highlight the kind of gameplay, the game contents...
Or at least I hope so...
Because, really, I think this game could seduce a lot more of players... And a community as on "Tennis Elbow " could maybe emerge with some efforts (better visibility, lower prices) and (or not even) if the game keeps getting better and a little more sexy :!:

That's an idea ! :idea:

Hf. :)

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